Jerry Amaldev
Music Director / Composer
Athri , you have done it : on stage , on Television and on the net. You are now an international phenomenon. Congrats ! I am glad we met and enjoyed your singing. You have considerable talent and you have worked hard at it. Despite your busy schedule you remain simple in thoughts and behavior. These are signs of a true artist. Keep them up.
M.P Mohan
Chief Manager - State Bank of India
Athri is a very talented and dedicated singer . In his first show for SBI , I remember a few in the audience had a doubt whether he was singing or Lip synching since he was singing amazingly. When they had a closer look they were convinced that he was actually singing. Athri sang a few lines of the song without the Music too, inviting a huge round of applause from the audience. Such was his perfection and since then we have had him sing for us on several occasions, and I wish him a brilliant musical career ahead.
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